EcoChain is the first Smart Contract based on the Telos Blockchain.
Check here how it works and how with a little investment
you can start to earn huge amounts of Ecoin, the fastest growing
cryptocurrency nowadays.

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When you register in EcoChain you open both programs simultaneously.
Each one of the programs, EcoChain x3 and EcoChain x4, has got 12 slots. Both are similar and work on the same way.
Each subsequent slot is 2 times more expensive than the previous one,
but both income and profits from them are twice as high!
How many slots can be activated immediately? As much as you want! All twelve at the same time if you want!
They have no expiration date, so you don't have to be afraid that they will burn.
All active slots move and give you revenue in parallel.
In the EcoChain x3 there are three places in one line, and in the EcoChain x4 there are two lines, with two places
in the first line and 4 places in the second one.



The first slot of each program cost 500 Ecoin ad they are bought together,
that means you will need 1,000 Ecoin to start.
You can purchase all further slots separetely, in order from the smallest to the largest.
It is impossible to buy a third slot without having the second one open.



All partners in your slots of the EcoChain x3 Program are your personal referral partners.
When you invite partners they take places under you.
The distribution of payments when filling out the matrix automatically goes as follows:

· When the first referral partner takes a place under you, 50% from the price of his registration goes
to your personal Wallet.

· The second referral partner takes second place below you.
The same payment is also instantly credited to your personal wallet.

· The third partner takes the third place below you.
You again receive the same income, but this time in form on reinvestment that will reopen the slot again.

Reinvestment will open the same slot for you again, and you'll continue to receive income from it as more
partners join your team.
When re-opening the slot, you take the next free place in your superior's partner slot.
Accordingly, 100% for reinvestment goes to your superior partner.



In parallel, the EcoChain x4 Program also works for you.
Here an overflow system is organized from above and from below.
The distribution of payments goes as follows:

· Partners who takes two places below you in the first line are two places in the second line of the higher.
A 100% payment goes to the wallet of your superior partner.

· You also receive payment from the second line, 100% from four people.
Of these, 3 payments go instanly to your personal wallet.

· The last payout is the closing slot, and it also makes a reinvestment, buying for you the same slot again,
and the payment of 100% is transferred to your superior partner.



Reinvestment is the re-opening of the same slot at the current level.
Reinvest opens the same slot for you again, and you continue to receive income from it.
Without reinvestment this slot would close, and that would be its end.
Reinvest takes place automatically. As soon as your last place is occupied, the current slot closes
and goes to the archive.
You re-occupy the free space in the slot with a higher partner and a new slot with free spaces opens for you,
and 100% payment goes to the personal wallet of your superior partner.
Similarly, your referral partners will have reinvestments, and you will
instantly receive income every time.



Upgrade is the purchase of the next slot of a more expensive level.
It is done once at the first opening of the level.
The payment goes to your superior partner provided with the same slot of this level.
There is enough income from each slot to reinvest the slot of the same level and buy a slot of the next level.
You decide wether purchase the slot of the next level or not.
A reinvestment of the slot occurs automatically.
If the next slot is not opened for you, then from the second round, after reinvestment, all payments
will go to your superior partner with this slot.
When you buy the necessary slot, then at the next reinvest your referral partner will take a place
under you, and with each reinvestment will take a place under you again.

· Lost profit: payment left to a higher partner, due to the lack of an upgrade to a more expensive slot.

· Extra profit: payment received by you at the expense of the lost profit of a lower partner.



You can overtake your superior partner by opening slots which he has not reached yet.
In this case, you get up to his superior partner, the closest who has such level of the slot,
and the payment goes to him.
If the very next one doesn't have this slot available, then in the same way you are overtaking superiors until
the system finds a partner who already has got an active slot of this level.
Referral links return to partners, that means that when your superior buys this slot, then on the next
reinvest you will take place under him again.