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Ecoin is the fastest growing cryptocurrency ever realeased with more than 4.5 M registered users.

The Ecoin Airdrop offers 200 Ecoin nowadays
for every valid e-mail signing up (one per person).
After that you will get 200 Ecoin as well for every referral that signs up with a valid e-mail through your link, which is the best way to earn
more Ecoins for your account. You will find your link on the 'My Referrals' tab on the menu of your Ecoin account.

But after signing up there are some steps that you may like to follow to make yourself a Fully Valid member.

Now to become Fully Valid is really easy, just link your telephone number through WhatsApp and update your Ecoin FIO Wallet address on your Ecoin account.

Ecoin is already listed on Probit and Hotbit,
two of the main big global exchanges, and more are yet to come!!!

Check the following answers to the Ecoin Frequently Asked Questions
if you want to make your Ecoin account 100% productive!!

How to be Fully Valid?

1st: Download Ecoin Wallet and create your
Ecoin Wallet Address

2nd: Verify your phone number through WhatsApp

1. Log in to your account using Brave Browser on your Smartphone (you must link the phone number on the device where the SIM card is).

2. Go to your dashboard and press the Verify Mobile Number button

3. Press the small WhatsApp icon inside the pop up

4. You’ll be redirected to the WhatsApp chat-box. 

Send the prefilled message (or copy-paste it) that appears automatically

(is your Ecoin ID). 

You won’t receive any answer.

5. Go back to your Ecoin account and refresh the page, or log out and log in again.

Your phone number will be already linked.

If you have already succesfully linked your number, or if the WhatsApp verification is not working for you (there are some restricted countries) follow the steps below to link the phone number through Telegram (you need to have Telegram installed on your Smartphone/Desktop)

How to link Telegram?

1. Go to your profile and press the Link Telegram button

2. A pop up will come up with a small Telegram icon inside of it. 

Press it and you will be redirected to the Telegram bot.

(don’t press the big telegram icon outside the pop up, this one will 

take you to your country group, it won’t start the bot)

3. Press the Start button and send your Telephone Number.

How to create the Wombat Telos ID?

1st: Download Wombat Wallet here

2nd: Sign up with your favourite social media

3rd: Tap on the Settings icon on the right bottom side

4th: Go to Keys & Accounts and then to Telos

5th: Create a Telos account.

You must register a Telos account and set up an account name, which will be your Wombat Telos ID. 

The Telos ID must contain 12 characters, and must be always written using lowercase characters, no capital letters are allowed. You can use numbers from 1 to 5.

Notice that this Telos ID must be different than your Ecoin Wallet Address Telos ID. 

6th: Copy your Wombat Telos ID

7th: Paste your Telos ID on the Wombat/CoolX Wallet box

How to Withdraw?

1st: You have to be a Fully Valid member

(Check the post above to know how to become Fully Valid)

2nd: You need to have 2 Fully Valid Referrals

3rd: Take the Quiz and pass it

Read the articles from the Quiz and asnwer the questions that you will find after them. To pass the Quiz you need to score 6 out of seven questions. If you fail you can take the Quiz again after 24 hours.

Don’t use Google Translate as it won’t let you turn the pages. 

You will find the Quiz here:

4th: Use Brave Browser to log in to your Ecoin account

Brave Browser is a search engine just like Google ot Firefox. 

Download it from Google Play, search for and log in to your account.

5th: Go to your dashboard

On the box of the current balance you will find the Withdraw Funds button. Press it and you will be redirected to the withdrawal page. 

The minimum amount to withdraw is 250 Ecoin, and you will able to withdraw according to your weekly and monthly limits.

What the balances mean?


When your referral signs up you receive 200 Ecoins for it on the Other balance, as well as 25 lottery tickets. As soon as your referral becomes Fully Valid these rewards get transferred into the current balance for the Ecoins and into the remaining balance for the tickets.


This is the balance that generates monthly interests on your account (from 5% up to 10% according to your level. Check how the interests are calculated on the post below). 

You will see the date of your next interests income on your profile.

Ecoiners for Life will receive the interests on this balance.


This is the balance that you can withdraw. 

You will receive here the earnings from your Fully Referrals conversions, from the lottery tickets that you scratch, the earnings from voting on Wishoo, the rewards of the Airdrops that you succesfully claim and the interests only if you are not Ecoiner for Life.

You will find next to the current balance the Save & Earn and the Withdraw buttons. 

With the Save & Earn you can send any amount that you wish to the savings balance in order to generate more interests. After three months of sending those funds you will get them back on the current balance.

Press the Withdraw button and you will be redirected to the withdrawal page where you will find your weekly and monthly withdrawal limits. You can make your withdrawal request here.


You will receive here the rewards from special campaigns and bounties. Stay in touch with our Telegram channels to stay updated.


Is the sum of all previous balances.


This is an estimated value of all your Ecoins according to the current price in the market. 

You can access Probit with the icon inside the box to know exactly Ecoin’s current price.


This is an estimated value of all your Ecoins according to the ESTIMATED VALUE when Ecoin crosses  100M users (1 Ecoin =$0.1)

How the interests work?

When you get your first referral you start to earn 5% monthly interests of the amount of your savings balance, so it’s recommended not to withdraw all that you get on your current balance and send as many Ecoins as you can to the savings balance (check pictures above).

When you already have 5 referrals (Change Makers) you become a Pioneer, and your interests raise to 6%.

When you have 5 Pioneers amongst your referrals, you become Innovator, and your interests raise to 7%.

When you have 5 Innovators amongst your referrals you become Revolutionary, and your interests raise to 8%.

And when you have 5 Revolutionaries amongst your referrals you reach the level 5 and you become Visionary, to get 10% monthly interests. 

When you sign up you become a Change Maker, and that will be the same for your referrals. 

As soon as you get your first referral you will start to earn 5% monthly interests from the amount on your SAVINGS BALANCE. 

Those interests will be credited on the current balance if you are NOT an Ecoiner for Life. If you are EFL you will receive the interests income back again on the savings for the year that it takes to be completed. 




The first thing you should choose when you open your account is to decide if you want to become Ecoiner for Life.
Ecoiner for life is the best earning option that you can find on Ecoin, but think it twice first because once you choose that option there is no turning back.
EFL means that for twelve months you will receive your interests on the Savings Balance, meaning that the current month your Savings Balance will have increased from the amount of the previous month, so next one you will receive a bigger interest amount. After twelve months receiving your interest, you will get an extra 50% bonus interest of the Savings Balance based on its amount the very last day when your EFL option expires.
By opting EFL you will see how your Savings Balance increase exponentially on the twelve months that it takes.
After that twelve months you will be able to unfreeze your Savings Balance into the Current Balance, so you will be able to withdraw it according to the current monthly limits based on the ambassador program.


There are four ways for you to get the lottery tickets:

· You'll receive 25 lottery tickets when you register yourself and after linking your phone number through Telegram.

· You'll receive 25 tickets for every member that signs up through your referral link, but these tickets will remain on your
ticket's Other Balance. As soon as your referrals achieve the Fully Valid status, your tickets will automatically be moved
to the Ticket's Remaining Balance, and you will be able to scratch them on 5, 10 and 25 tickets rows.

· You'll receive one daily ticket for every 1,000 Ecoin that you hold in your Wallet
(these Ecoins need to be on your Wombat Wallet or CoolX Wallet, not on your account).

·You'll receive 50 free lottery tickets on your first Ecoin's purchase at, the Ecoin's official market
where you can buy directly from an official Administrator and using mostly all kind of payments, local currencies
and cryptocurrencies.

You can scratch your tickets on the Ticket History tab inside the menu of your account.


There are two main official and secure ways to buy Ecoin:

· You can buy at, the official market's website of Ecoin. You will buy through a chat to one of our
official administrators, accepting all kind of payments using most of the local currencies and cryptocurrencies.
You will receive your Ecoin straight to your wallet with no fees at all.
On your first purchase you will get 50 lottery tickets for free,
that you will be able to scratch as soon as you receive them.

· You can aslo buy at the cryptocurrency exchanges that we are listed on, actually Probit and Hotbit.
This way is as secure as, but depending on the selling order's price
and the price that you choose to buy, it may take some time, as transactions are not instant.

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