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To spin the roulette you have to be registered
and logged in!!!

You will be able to spin the roulette one time every hour.
That means that if you are lucky you can earn up to 240 Ecoins every day.
Don't miss that chance and get your Ecoins straight to your Wallet.
2 ouf of 10 spins in average are rewarded with Ecoins,
so if you have not been lucky, keep trying!!!

Go to the Ecoin Roulette tab of the menu and try it now!!!

How to spin the roulette?


Tap the roulette icon

Wait for some seconds after logging in and you will see the roulette icon on your bottom right side of your device.


Insert your details

Insert the name and the email that you used to register at Ecoin Gaming Spot. Accept terms and conditions and Try your Luck.


The roulette will start

Once you have tapped the Try  your Luck button the roulette will start to spin. Wait for it to finish and check if you’re lucky.


Check if you are lucky

If you have been lucky you will see the amount of your prize. Check your email and follow all the steps to redeem your prize.


If you have been lucky we will require that you resend the email you have received to us with a document with your picture proving your identity (library card, for example), one selfie of you holding it and your Telos Wallet ID.
You'll be rewarded
in less than 24 hours.

If you are a Fully Valid member of Ecoin you just have to
resend the email you have received with a screenshot of your dashboard and one selfie from you.
Your Ecoin Gaming Spot username should
match the one on your Ecoin account.

If you have won remember to check your Spam folder, sometimes the emails could reach you there.

how to join ecochain and make a fortune

EARN FREE ECOIN HOURLY useful links to earn free ecoin hourly: EARN FREE BITCOIN CASH With Free Bitcoin Cash we can earn up to 100,000 free hourly Satoshi. It is a totally free game of luck (we only have to see some announcements in exchange for new spins once we have finished the free ones) that consists of three levels, where we find the greatest rewards at the top level. Every time we make a roll we will fall into one of the boxes on the lower level. If we fall into the BCH icon we access the upper level to try to get bigger rewards.We have four opportunities in each game to reach the intermediate level and one to reach the superior level and be able to access the 100,000 Satoshis prize.We can stand up whenever we want with the amount we deem appropriate, even if we have won a large prize in the first runs.We can withdraw our earnings in a fully automatic process that occurs every Tuesday as long as we have accumulated an amount greater than 10,000 Satoshis. Even if we are unlucky, we can easily collect them in a couple of days if we play every hour. We can also accumulate BCH by watching ads, and we will be rewarded with a random amount in a roulette wheel for each of them until we reach the limit. After four hours we will be able to see ads again . EARN FREE ECOIN HOURLY